Taylor Walker, from Green Dreams – A Sustainable Solutions Company, graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Environmental Studies. While at FGCU Taylor organized the Backyard Farmers permaculture club, and lead fieldtrips, discussions, and workshops. Along with a handful of dedicated students, he helped start the FGCU Food Forest initiative, and is still involved as a member at large. He has worked with many prestigious organizations including: the Inland Ecology Research Group, Naples Botanical Gardens, Sanibel Sea School, Fruitscapes Nursery, Florida Edible Landscaping, and the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Taylor has given numerous presentations, workshops, guided walks, and demos for prestigious organizations such as, Belize Botanical Gardens, FGCU, The Naples Botanical Gardens, Lee County Extension, Collier Fruit Growers, Crowley Nature Center, and a variety of local community groups. The topics he has focused on include sub-tropical fruit trees, food forests, organic gardening, edible landscaping, wild edibles, perennial vegetables, sub-tropical herbs, and Florida ecology. During the last seven years Taylor has helped design and establish many urban gardens, and small farms with a focus on hardy fruit trees, and edible ecosystems.

He now lives in Spring Hill, Florida on a 7 acre food forest garden called Sand Hill Farms. At Sand Hill Farms over 200 varieties of useful plants provide food for the market and residents, as well as habitat for rare species of birds, butterflies, and reptiles. This diverse property produces many yields including tropical and temperate fruits, nuts, vegetables, spices, roots, herbs, eggs, chickens, and medicinal plants. His vision for sustainable edible landscaping is a culmination of his knowledge of ecology fused with horticultural science.