Niki Barber – Educator specializing in GMO’s

I have been studying the environmental sciences for three years now. I began with an environmental science and technology degree and planned to switch to sustainability management for a bachelors, but decided, although I am passionate about sustainability, I wanted to travel a slightly different path. Whatever I do in life I want it to involve protecting the environment and all life on this planet, so I chose to pursue microbial ecology and environmental chemistry.

I have worked at organic farms and have experimented at home quite a bit with growing food in sustainable ways. I always have some kind of food growing at home. I have been studying genetically modified foods for over six years now and I have followed the progress, as well as, encouraged the progress towards educating the public. The more the public is educated, the more genetically modified foods become undesirable. I have made it my mission to do everything I can to educate and protest the use of GMOs in our food.

I have a lovely family that I am extremely grateful for. My daughter is the most magnificent being to exist. I may be a little biased, but really, she pretty much kicks butt. Protecting my family is always my first priority and keeping them healthy with delicious and nutritious food is part of that. ☺