Elsa Soto is lives in Safety Harbor, after retiring she threw herself into gardening.  She is a Master Gardener and a member of several gardening associations in Tampa Bay.  In her beautiful garden she grows 13 different kinds of vegtables and 14 different kinds of fruit.  She has given gardening presentations a various area garden clubs.

She will give the following presentations:

Plant propagation: which covers how to succeed with seeds; different cuttings for different plants, air layering, regrowing vegetables, and specific propagation methods for individual plants

How to make your own grow bucket: learn how to make your own self watering containers for growing vegetables, uses less water, make it easy to control soil conditions, can easily be moved if weather requires, and resist pests

Edible plants for your garden: A review of fruits and vegtables which can easily be grown in the back yards of central Florida

Caring for your edible garden: fertilizers, composting, insecticides and fungicides